Business Association of Georgia

Business Association of Georgia

Georgia, Tbilisi
Ms. Irina Kvakhadze, Deputy CEO

About Us

The organization established in 2009 has a membership of up to 70 leading companies of Georgia. The main function of the organization is to represent to the government and protect legitimate and objective business interests of the member companies. Since its foundation up to now, Business Association of Georgia has been successfully carrying out its function, and the pillars of this success are our member companies, management and executive teams, and the committees. Each member company is a stakeholder and an integral part of the Association. With their help, experience and knowledge accumulated in different sectors and in business in general, are integrated within the Business Association of Georgia. Members of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Trustees are leading businessmen, who have been developing Georgian economy over the years, and apart from creating economic wealth, they have been supporting improvement of work force qualification and promoting better management practices. Through them, strong intellectual resources are accumulated within Business Association of Georgia and the organization directs this valuable resources towards improvement of business environment. There are several thematic committees established within Business Association of Georgia with the purpose of protecting interests of member companies and discussing various economic issues. These committees are chaired by the individuals with outstanding managerial and business skills, who are the CEOs of our member companies. With their experience and knowledge, we conduct a highly professional work on topics and initiatives that are important for the private sector and present them to the government. The executive team of Business Association of Georgia works on the issues concerning our member companies and economic development of our country on a daily basis. Due to past experience, the team is familiar with the specifics of public and private sector. Moreover, team members have received high quality education in world’s leading universities. This helps us properly conduct advocacy, come up with comments on various draft legislative proposals and initiatives, and maintain effective communication with the government

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We are looking for sharing experience in trade/commerce association, in advocacy, also in researching interesting in partnering with our member companies.