AromaProduct / Georgia's Natural

AromaProduct / Georgia's Natural

Georgia, Tbilisi
Mr. Vladimir Gugushvili, CEO

About Us

AromaProduct Ltd has been operating since 1985. We are a leading 100% Export orientated fruit and vegetable processing and growing company located in Georgia and specializing in production of high quality natural juices, fruit juice concentrates, IQF and Fresh fruit and berries, jams, comfitures, preserved fruit, sauces, spices, and honey products. Please refer to your web site Facility: Company operates 9,000 m2 facility located in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. Also the company owns a modern cold storage with a capacity of 1500 tons. Markets: Our products are distributed on 30 different markets: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Check Republic, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Israel, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Latvia, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, FWI, Trinidad, Kazakhstan, Belarus. Privet Branding and Labeling: Allowed and available in any language. Company produces finished products for 50 different privet brands that distribute goods in number of national chains of EU Countries, America, Middle east and Asia Certifications: 1. Organic Certificate from IMO; 2. ISO 22000:2005; 4. Kosher Certificate from OU; 5. Halal Certificate from IFRC ASIA; Organic Farming with projected total fruit, berry and edible nuts harvest volume of 6,000 Tons in 2016: The Subsidiary company Georgia’s Natural has been found in 2006. Presently the company is the owner of 650 hectares of agro land registered under IMO organic farming operations and grow the following fruit and berries: 100he/ Pomegranates; 100 he / Cherries - Tart, Black, White and Cornelian; 25 he / Almonds; 30 he / Grapes; 15 he / Plums; 15 he Apricots; 5 he / Pear; 5 he / Quince; 20 he / Persimmons; 5 he / Figs; 5 he / Raspberries; 5 he / Blackberries; 20 he / Walnuts 2 he / Apples Plantation is located in Ecologically pure environment of Caucasus mountain resort region of Georgia, Kvareli, Kakheti District. There are several natural artesian springs and mountain rivers on the land that is the source of pure water supply for the drip irrigation system with operated by gravitation.

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Cooperation proposal The company is interested in expanding operations in European markets and is searching for strong new distributors and supermarkets of the finished products, fresh and frozen fruit. Company is also is looking for introduction and establishment of own brand on the markets of EU countries and looking for the partners who will be willing to invest into the new brand.


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